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CLIP Drama | Neighborly mom balancing conversation and kid

CLIP Sci-Fi, Drama | Reporter

CLIP Drama | Mom Consoles Daughter

CLIP Comedy, Thriller | Entitled Karen

CLIP  Drama, Action | Conniving Runner

CLIP Drama | Doctor Reassures Patient

CLIP Suspense, Drama | Dreamer 

CLIP Sci-Fi, Action, Drama | Survivalist Challenges Intruder

CLIP Comedy | First Date


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Allyson L. Smith

Fun and quirky coffee mugs are my jam. I plan to have my own line of mugs one day.


I once needed 8 stitches on my knee for slicing it open on a cardboard diaper box.

The doctor had never heard of anything like it. I aim to surprise!

I host monthly Zoom calls to support and inspire working mothers called Mamas Who Are Making It.

While studying Musical Theatre and Dance in college, I got to share the stage with the legendary Motown group, The Contours.


Podcasts I love: Secular Buddhism, The Mary Marantz Show, Morgan Harper Nichols


Current Obsession: Yoga Nidra right before bed

Ask me anything about Friends and Marvel's Agents of Shield. I've watched all

seasons of each a ridiculous amount of times.

I once had a choreography job where I was required to teach a county sheriff

how to sing and dance for a production of The Little Mermaid.

My best friend from college and I co-founded Detroit Children's Theatre.

I've been compared to both Annie Murphy and Taylor Swift!

I have spent a decade producing, directing, and choreographing

high school musicals with my husband.

My twin 5 year old daughters remind me every day

what it means to fully love, live, and be present.

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