Allyson L. Smith Theatrical Headshot
Allyson L. Smith Commercial Headshot

Photos: Karri Brantley Photography


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+ Allyson L. Smith appears as Guest Star in pilot, Hot Robots Want You, for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim

Allyson L. Smith Feature Film

+ Allyson L. Smith reprises her role as  journalist, Heather Hunter, in Tony McCants', Papersverse: Dark Chapters Part 3

Smith in Hot Robots Want You

Photo: Tony McCants

+ Smith cast as lead role in Hudson Film Company's, Cut and Clarity

+ Smith cast as Reporter in Cleveland based TV pilot, Line of Sight

+ Smith cast as Sophie O"Brien, in Detroit based film, The Social Worker, by Bryan Gibbs


+ Smith cast as Cecelia in Toledo produced film, This Must Be The Place

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