Allyson L. Smith Theatrical Headshot
Allyson L. Smith Commercial Headshot

Photos: Karri Brantley Photography


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Allyson L. Smith

joins the cast of 

If You See Me,

a Chicago produced

sci-fi feature film.


Smith plays Ko,

a self-protective, tough survivalist in a post 

apocalyptic world.

Having been on her own

for years, Ko's life takes

a turn when someone 

unexpectedly shows up

at her camp.

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+ Allyson L. Smith leads Cut & Clarity, a Cleveland produced film set for film festivals

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+ Allyson L. Smith stars as grieving mother, Cecelia, in This Must Be The Place.

Watch the trailer here!

BTS of This Must Be The Place

Smith in Cut & Clarity   DP: Steve Mers

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+ Smith joins cast of Director/Producer Harley Wallen's newest horror feature, Beneath Us All

+ Smith currently in production with the Detroit produced feature film,  Is It Real? 

+ Smith cast in Broken Television Entertainment pilot, Swipe Right

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