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Channel 7 WXYZ Promo Interview

Evil Dead: the Musical Detroit


Comeria Park, Detroit Tigers

Mitch Albom's Hockey! The Musical

Original Cast appearance

PBS: Detroit Performs 

Performance Network Theatre Camp

Interview with the cast of "Untangled"



"Allyson has the stage presence of a goddess."

-Stefanie Din, AEA Stage Manager

"Jamie Richards and Allyson (Smith) have the strongest voices...Together, they are a well-oiled machine."

-Encore Michigan


"As Ash's girlfriend, Linda, Allyson (Smith) is a great fit for the material, both a believable romantic lead and a committed cheeseball."

-Rogue Critic



"(She is) a great tapper!!! (She has) clean feet and awesome musicality which is the perfect recipe to be a bad-ass!!!"

-Kaelyn Gray, Choreographer and Co-Founder of ProtoTap

"Favorite moment of Evil Dead the Musical: The "What the F--k Was That!! song and dance."

"Favorite moment of Evil Dead the Musical: When Ash goes medieval on the Deadites after a particularly lively dance number!"

-Ticketmaster Reviews

"(The) bro-tango with a highlight. Allyson Smith designed the cheeky choreography (right down to the "Thriller" moves near the end)." - Evil Dead 

-Encore Michigan


"My favorite song was the '90s style rap...complete with fly girl dancers and twerking." -RoboCop the Musical

-The Movie Sleuth

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